by ViperLove

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released December 22, 2014

Produced/Mixed by David Wilson
Mastered by Joe Carra
All songs written/tracked by ViperLove


all rights reserved



ViperLove Albury, Australia

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Track Name: The Thirsty Itch
taste the feeling, take the step
grab momentum, run with it
fuck the test and grab your friends
dust the past you're born again

it's a full moon rising
blood red I'm telling you baby:
'we don't need anything else'

welcome to the party
we'll break our backs to play this sound
welcome to the party
won't cut tracks from the growls of hounds

don't mean to sound the alarm
but the night is far from young
lets take it back to the start
when the crowd rolled in
deaf to what's to come

hey, hey
can you feel it?
hey, hey
can you taste it?
hey, hey
can you feel it?

Track Name: Affinity Artist
with an ocean lost.

biting my tongue, biding my time
waiting for the clock, tick-tock out of mind

It all started with four strays and a locksmith with a debt
dressed for the occasion, and a still summers night it was

when he said to me:
'does this sound like something you'd step to?'
'or I'd throw it to the wind?'

I took the bait and found myself knocking at their door
with dead eyes and a still hand
no words were said
and into the shadows with a black horse they led me in

tuned in for what's next -
I picked the lock and went inside
the stench came first, and then I saw it
bodies spread about the floor
I'm out of depth but I made the choice.

Then he said to me:
'you made the choice and now it's time to join the dead'

with an ocean lost
I should have known to leave that bag of bones

and if I had the choice again, I'd throw his offer to the wind
Track Name: Colour
It's a catastrophe!
and I can see that people are divided
and there are mysteries in the air that sound so familiar.

now listen:
there are guns, there are knives, there are cigarettes
an unpleasant smell of sex and money.
people forget themselves and ravage like they're sick
but its a dark night baby, let's go

I'll give you an eye for an eye and i swear I'll take good care
just take them both. In your palms I'll try not to stare

Oh it's a miracle!
at least we know who we are
and we will never forget the grey houses we loved.
and you know that I'll...

This sound is a present of image
and these are our pile of colours

we're going to town,
all the signs will be ripped from the ground
we took our time,
but it's easy to get lost in the absence of sound

oh yeah
Track Name: Spindrift Bloom
she has the perfect disguise, how could I ever deny?
I'm falling from the top, and the landing is coming quick
I'm gonna trip the light and rock and roll with the night
float for as long as it takes, because the colour has got my back

so dance fuckers dance I feel alive
we've all read the stories,
but a dame as bright as light deserves another round
wear your heart on your sleeve and let euphoria take you please
ride the break when we're tired

'ladies and gentleman
It's getting to be that time of the night
were the drinks start to flow and the colour runs bright
so grab another. and hit the floor. and count it in -
1, 2, 3, 4'
Track Name: 20/20
I've got the match and I'll light it up BOOM
we're done playing, we got the sky and we'll light it up BOOM

I used to think I had snakes in my head, spiders in my bed
four short years I'd rather be home instead
every day I'm getting eaten alive, and soon I'll be better off dead
tell me where I've gone wrong
(but you know what?)

fuck saying I'm Sorry
fuck it if I'm not right
fuck it if I'm like night and day
and fuck you for delaying our party

and now I see what's good for me

and now the tide has turned and we're heading out to sea
I've got vision, I'm not blind
I'm not buying any more time
I'm nearly there just gotta reach the top
all I gotta do is climb, every day is golden
I should have known all along
(but you know what?)

and know I see what's good for me
(I've got vision)

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